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Why should I use you?

why use you Jose Rodriguez

A question often asked by buyers, and sellers looking for a Real Estate professional to represent them in a Real Estate transaction. It is a definitely a (cut throat business.) as my client called it. After working with several temporary agents who were temporary by choice of their own, she decided to try one last time before giving up, and emailed me a request via a website that I currently run ads on. She was surprised to receive a response within 5 minutes of her inquiry; she was actually quite shocked, and was ready for the appointment with this new and exciting agent. After speaking to her on the phone for 20 minutes, she knew something was different about the aggressiveness and passion in which she received free information, and the willingness of this agent to help her, she said it seemed to good to be true. I have to admit that I was flattered, and the comment doesn't hurt my confidence.  The client felt lucky that I'm would be working with them.  I understood immediately why agents did not want to bother with her, she was a very intelligent woman, she knew exactly what she wanted, and she would not compromise her position in anyway, she flat out said this is what I want and this is how it will be done. The agents whom she had been working with allowed her to take control, and allowed her to develop an incorrect method of searching for homes. They did not cover all the areas about the different types of sales out there which created a habit that was stressful, tiresome and unsuccessful.  I asked her to let me try things a bit different and she hesitated, she asked me why should I use you? I told her because, unlike all the other agents she worked with, I wanted to first meet with her and find in a formal interview what she was looking for, and wanted to get a better idea of why she was not successful in finding a home, she agreed to meet with me she thought it was weird, but something I said gave her the benefit of doubt and we set up the appointment. After the counseling session and after meeting with her she was clear as to why she had failed repeatedly and all it took was the initiave to actually explain the procedure. You go back to basics, there is nothing about me that makes me a better agent than all the other agents that she worked with, the only difference is that there was no system in place that allowed the client to see that they were dealing with a professional and that they can trust that person a bit more, because at least they appeared to know what they were doing. I Think it is important to set up a system that is simplified into step 1, 2, 3, and get to 10 without hesitation, The repetition of this system is results oriented, and if anything in that system that can received improvement while working on it, embrace the changes, and master your craft to provide your clients with unmatched service and always obtain your mutual goal or searching for the perfect home.

I am blessed to have a career, that allows me the freedom, I always desired, the income potential that can give me a comfortable lifestyle, but mostly the satisfaction of knowing that my passion for my career is offering my clients the benefit of working with someone that is going out of their way by paying extra attention to detail to provide them with the highest level of service and to do it for other reasons than just a paycheck.

I want to thank my clients for making me feel special, and I want to thank them for building up my self confidence to strive to excel by constantly improving myself through constant education and by listening to your concerns and by listening to your needs. I thank you for the trust you put in me, and as long as I am able, I will continue to improve my methods, to provide my clients with unique and pleasant experiences every time.

Jose Rodriguez.
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